SAGPA Constitution



The name of the Association is "The Gyroplane Association of South Africa", hereafter referred to as SAGPA.

Registered office

The registered office of SAGPA will be at 199 van Riebeeck Avenue, Lyttleton, Centurion

Principle Objects

The principle objects of SAGPA are:

To encourage, develop and promote private and sporting gyroplane aviation throughout the Republic of South Africa.

To liaise and co-operate with Government, Provincial and Municipal Departments and other bodies in furtherance of the above objectives.

To co-ordinate and control all forms of gyroplane aviation sport by compiling, maintaining and modifying from time to time as required' a Manual of Procedure in accordance with which all forms of gyroplane sport aviation shall be conducted.

To carry out other activities in respect of gyroplane sport aviation as delegated by the CAA.

Subsidiary Objects

For the furtherance of the principal objects, the subsidiary objects are:

To assist in establishing Gyro Clubs in the Republic of South Africa, however and wherever might be thought fit.

To popularize gyroplanes by providing members by with facilities for obtaining all such licenses and ratings as are or may be hereinafter granted by any constituted authority under the Air Navigation Act, and to provide and/or maintain such facilities for all such operations hereafter.

To participate in, administer and control gyroplane sporting events and trials organised by or run under the rules of the FAI, Aero Club, SAGPA and any such other organisation.

To hold or arrange for aviation meetings, competitions and other meetings of the like nature, whether for the benefit of the SAGPA or other charities and objects, and to offer and to grant or contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions.

To promote airmanship and safety of the air amongst the members of SAGPA and others, and to hold lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions.

To adopt such means of making known the objects of SAGPA in such manner as may seem expedient and, in particular, by advertising in the press, by circular, by purchase and exhibition of models and works of art and interest, by publication of books and periodicals, and by giving and granting prizes, rewards and donations.

To invest and apply any moneys not immediately required for the purpose of SAGPA in such manner as SAGPA may from time to time think fit. To employ and remunerate clerical staff and any such other staff as may be required from time to time.
To set up and carry on, in any part of South Africa, club amenities and club premises.

To generally provide as fully as possible all facilities as are deemed necessary for the assembly and entertainment of the members and guests of SAGPA for the holding of functions to stimulate airmanship in all its forms.

To co-operate, associate, affiliate, or amalgamate with any other similar bodies fulfilling the objects of SAGPA as may be considered advisable from time to time.

To do all such things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of any of the above objects.

To control the award of Provincial and Regional colours and awards, and to make recommendations in respect of International and National awards.

To give members the advantage of collective representation and control in all matters of moment and importance in the furtherance of the objects of SAGPA.

To function as a non-political association without sexual or racial discrimination.


The income and property of SAGPA however derived shall be supplied solely towards the promotion of the objects of SAGPA as set forth in this Constitution; and no part of it shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to the members of SAGPA, provided that nothing contained herein shall prevent the payment to any officer or servant of SAGPA or to any member of SAGPA in return for any services actually rendered to SAGPA.


The liability of members is limited. No member of SAGPA shall be responsible to contribute to the assets in the event of SAGPA being wound up, during the time he is a member or any time afterwards.

If upon the winding up or dissolution of there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the members of SAGPA, but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having objects similar to the objects of SAGPA, at or before the time of dissolution.


Members shall be individual members who have been admitted to the association as prescribed below and have paid the annual SAGPA subscription fee as determined from time to time.


All applications for membership shall be in writing in the form prescribed from time to time by the General Committee.

Membership commences at the time that the application is accepted by the Committee and when all levies and/or fees and/or subscriptions have been paid to and accounted for.

No candidate shall be accorded membership unless he complies with all conditions attaching to such membership, as provided in these rules

Save as in these rules and elsewhere provided, a member shall be entitled to the rights and privileges and be subjected to all the duties of membership.


Membership shall terminate where the individual resigns from the Association.

Membership shall automatically terminate when any member whose annual subscription and/or levy and/or fee remains unpaid for a period exceeding 3 calendar months after such amount became due and payable.

Membership is terminated if a member is expelled, as provided for in these rules. Membership may otherwise be terminated as the rules provide

Rights and Privileges of members

Every member shall be entitled, subject to the provisions of this constitution and to any By-Laws for the time being in force and made by the General Committee as hereinafter provided, to all the rights and to be subject to all the duties of a member of SAGPA.

The General Committee shall have the power to enquire into any allegation against a member of misconduct or any act of omission which, in the opinion of the General Committee, is prejudicial to the interests of SAGPA or any of the objects for which SAGPA exists; for the purpose for so enquiring, the General Committee may call before it any member against whom the allegation is made; if, upon so enquiring the General Committee shall find such allegation of misconduct to have been established, then it may caution such member and/or suspend or expel such member from SAGPA, or require him to resign from SAGPA. A member expelled under this article shall forfeit all right in any claim upon the Association and its property, and shall not be entitled to reclaim any unexpired portion of any subscription' fee, or levy. The General Committee shall have the right to suspend any member pending investigation by that committee of any allegations of any such misconduct.

If any member shall be convicted of any offence which, in the opinion of the General Committee, makes it undesirable for SAGPA to continue such member's membership, or being engaged in any profession shall on account of misconduct be prohibited by the governing body of such profession, or by the courts, from continuing to practice or operate under their regulations, then such member may be declared by the General. Committee to have ceased to be a member of SAGPA, and in that event shall forfeit all rights in and claims upon SAGPA and their property, save that upon application being made by such member to the General Committee stating the cause of such conviction or prohibit ion aforesaid' as the case may be, such member may be re-admitted and restored to his former rights by the General Committee in its absolute discretion.

SAGPA General Committee

The SAGPA committee shall be elected annually at the AGM. The committee shall hold office for one year until the following AGM. Members of the committee shall be SAGPA members of good standing.

Nominations for the committee shall be received in writing by the secretary of SAGPA prior to the commencement of the AGM Nominations shall be in writing and signed by two SAGPA members in good standing and the nominee. Nominations at the AGM will only be accepted if agreed to by the nominee and seconded by two members in addition to the proposer. Each member of the outgoing committee shall automatically retire and be nominated for re-election unless they notify the secretary beforehand that they will not be eligible for re-election.

Should there be more than one incumbent for any position on the committee; a vote will take place at the AGM to determine the incumbent. Only SAGPA members in good standing may vote in any election Members may exercise their vote by post or by proxy at the meeting.
The General Committee shall consist of not less than four and not more than twelve members, represented by executive committee members and deputy committee members.

The Executive Committee shall consist of:

  • Chairman,
  • Secretary/Treasurer,
  • Head of Training and Instruction,
  • Technical Responsible Person,
  • Safety Officer,
  • Public Relations and Events Officer

The balance of six positions on the General committee shall be held by Deputy Committee members. If there are not sufficient Deputy Committee members, the Executive Committee may nominate members to the remaining positions.

The Chairman shall not have any commercial involvement in gyroplanes.

Should any position of the General Committee not be filled at the AGM or become vacant during the year, the Executive Committee may co-opt a person to fill the vacancy.

Voting procedure shall be determined by the Executive Committee

A quorum of the General Committee shall be a minimum of four members

Members of the General Committee who have a commercial interest in any decision shall declare their interest and not vote on such a decision.

Formal meetings of the General Committee shall be held at least 3-monthly. Each member of the Executive Committee is required to attend at least two General Committee meetings during the year and not miss more than two meetings consecutively, Failure to comply with this requirement shall result in relinquishment of the post.

Powers and Authority of the General Committee

The General Committee shall have the authority and power to carry out any acts to further the Principal Objects and Subsidiary Objects of SAGPA as defined above.

Where decisions are taken which affect a particular regions, this shall be taken in consultation with the Regional Representative of the Region Concerned.

SAGPA Deputy Committee

The Deputy Committee shall consist of one member for each member of the Executive Committee.

The nomination and election rules for the Deputy Committee shall be the same as for the General Committee.

The role of the Deputy Committee shall be to provide training and exposure for the members considered to succeed to positions on the Executive Committee. Deputy Committee members shall assist the Executive Committee in their functions.

Regional Representatives

A Regional Representative may be elected by members in each region concerned. In the absence of an elected Regional Representative, the Executive Committee may nominate a Regional Representative

The Regional Representative represents SAGPA in the region and is the highest authority in the region reporting to the SAGPA General Committee.

The Regional Representative shall further the Principal Objects and Subsidiary Objects of SAGPA as defined above and monitor gyro activities in the area and report any contraventions to the Executive Committee.

Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting shall be held annually to receive the reports of the Executive Committee and Regional Representatives, to elect office bearers for the coming year and to deal with any other business of relevance to SAGPA members in general

General Meetings

A General Meeting of SAGPA may be called at any time by the General Committee, by giving one month's written notice to each paid up member.

On receiving a petition signed by twenty SAGPA members in good standing, the General Committee shall call a General Meeting as above, to take place within two months of the petition being delivered to the committee.

Amendments to the Constitution

This Constitution may be amended at an AGM or other General Meeting called for that purpose by a vote of two thirds of the members present provided that:

The proposed change has been studied by the general committee and a two thirds majority has been obtained by the general committee The proposed change is explained in a news letter to the SAGPA members at least thirty days prior to the AGM.

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