Eric Torr and Len Klopper displaying the trophy

SAGPA are proud to announce the creation of the "Sean Klopper Remarkable Airmanship" Trophy.

We are seeking nominations via the SAGPA Committee for this prestigious annual award in memory

of - Sean Klopper, a remarkable airman that passed away on 8 November 2006. He has been

described as "A good friend, colleague and one of the best pilots and instructors in the aviation

industry" in the African Pilot Magazine.

The goal of the trophy is to promote adherence to the Aviators Code of Conduct of which

Sean Klopper set a magnificent example.

The floating trophy will be awarded annually to the most deserving individual displaying one or

more of the key criteria below. The selection will be done by the SAGPA committee:

Key Criteria: In the promotion of the sport of Gyrocopter flying he/she has shown an outstanding

all-round display of Airmanship throughout the preceding 12 months including, but not limited to:-

a. Making safety the number one priority,
b. Seeking excellence in airmanship,
c. developing and exercising good judgment, and applying sound principles of aeronautical decision-making,
d. recognizing and managing risks effectively,
e. maintaining situational awareness, and adherance to prudent operating practices and personal operating

f. aspiring to professionalism,
g. acting with responsibility and courtesy, and adherance to applicable laws and regulations.

In accordance with SAGPA's Vision and Mission therefore the successful candidate will be selected for

displaying one or all of these attributes in a remarkable fashion in keeping with the aviators code of conduct.

 Promotion of Safety
 Excellence in response to an emergency situation,
 Outstanding and consistent application to training, currency and skills building; and
 A consistent display of combined decision making, safety and efficient operation
 Consideration for others / Achievements

The trophy carries a token prize money administered by SAGPA who will endeavour to obtain contributors in

order to increase the prize money.

Nominations are requested and should be sent to

Dave Lehr receiving the award at Gariep 21/5/11

The Airmanship Award was awarded to Marius and Juanita Kruger on 27 October 2012.

In 2013 Len Klopper was awarded the Sean Klopper Airmanship Award. Well deserved!

Christa Vorster Noteworthy Achievement Award

The Christa Vorster trophy is in memory of a wonderful fellow aviator who passed away on 20 June 2010.

She left a void that can never be filled.

The floating trophy will be awarded annually to the most deserving individual displaying one or more of

the key criteria below. The selection will be done by the SAGPA committee.

Key criteria:

In the promotion of the sport of gyrocopter flying he/she has acted as an exceptional ambassador in the

preceding twelve months, inspiring other pilots to achieve excellence and also introducing the public to

gyrocopter flying.

Nominations can be sent to

In 2013 the Christa Vorster award was won by Tom van der Meulen. Not only did he lead a group of 

6 gyros around the entire border of South Africa to create awareness for rhino poaching, but he also

broke the world record for the longest non-stop gyro flight. 1570km!

Tom van der Meulen receiving the Christa Vorster award in 2013

In 2014 the following awards were handed out:

a)      The Sean Klopper Remarkable Airmanship Award: Jean Tresfon for his promotion of gyro flying through

his amazing photography over the years.

b)      The Christa Vorster Remarkable Achievement Award: Juanita Kruger for her solo cross country / border

flight to Otjiwarongo.

c)       2000 hour mile award: Tom van der Meulen and Theuns Eloff

d)      1000 hour mile award: James Turner and Andre Bezuidenhout


For 2015 the following people were recipients:

Sean Klopper award: Theuns and Ninie Eloff for their continued promotion of the sport

Christa Vorster award: George Coetzee for his solo cross country from Pretoria to George

Milé awards:

5000 hours: Eben Mocke Sr, Johan von Ludwig

3000 hours: Tom vd Meulen

2000 hours: Eben Mocke Jr

1000 hours: Marcel vd Merwe, Arthur Gemperle

Certificates of appreciation: Eric Torr, Johan von Ludwig, Mocke Family