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Nic Walters, a Fixed-wing PPL I am training, bought ZU-RFP � Magni M24 Orion and was eager to get it home! ZU-RFP arrived safely at Morningstar on Wednesday afternoon. We left Rand at about 1pm Tuesday, put in some fuel at Parys, then routed to Bloem (New Tempe). After refueling we left for Gariep where we arrived at about 6pm. Had to dodge a few thunder storms but a very pleasant flight. Well rested and refreshed we left Gariep at about 8.30 for Beaufort West. Refueled there 2 hours 30 minutes later, enjoyed coffee and rusks and then took off for Worcester. Another 2 hours 30 - put in 35 liters and 40 minutes later we were home safe and sound. Thankfully an uneventful flight. Have never seen the Karoo so wet and green! The M24 purred like a kitten having its stomach stroked all the way. Nothing, Nada, Zip out of the ordinary and although heavy all the way she performed beautifully averaging about 85mph @ 5 200rpm. Congratulations to Nic on acquiring a really special machine. Leo went to immense trouble in setting it up with the best in radios, avionics, headsets etc, even all the pipe clamps have been replaced by the best quality clamps I have EVER seen. AWESOME job Leo. I am jealous to say it is the best M24 in the country. Here are some pics I took with my phone along the way so please forgive the quality. Len Klopper
Pieter Smith: "Tussen 140 en 160 Vliegtuie op Alldays gewees die naweek, dit was bitter lekker. Die Harvards het 52 flips gedoen, 'n nuwe SA rekord vir n Fly-inn. Baie dankie vir almal wat dit bygewoon het. So 4500+ mense deur die hekke."
"North meets South 2011 - Gariep 20-22 May 11, 73 GYRO'S" Daniel Affolter