High Altitude Test Flight Magni Gyro M16 16 June 2006.pdf

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Ken Wallis Memorial.doc

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Ramp Inspection Requirements.doc

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Radio License Renewal.pdf

Herewith the documents to complete in order to apply for your new license which expired at the end of March. No longer can you just make payment, you need to apply to keep your license. Once complete, send to
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Visual Interception Signals.pdf

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CAA Ramp Inspections.doc

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Gyroplane Handling Performance.pdf

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Santjie Whites Mantra.jpg

Written by Don Merrill and says everything that Aeroclub's new safety campaign stands for. Let's all make flying safer by beginning with ourselves.
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AutoGyro Cavalon is decorated with red dot award.pdf

1) The Cavalon is the first gyro to receive this award. There aren't many aeroplanes that has received this honour. 2) Requested by Rotax, Cavalon is the first gyro flying with the new Rotax 912 IS Fuel Injection engine.
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Dragons behind the Power Curve.pps

Submitted by Len Klopper
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Jaco se plaas Francois Strydom.doc

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Low Level Flying.pdf

Submitted by Len Klopper
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Information regarding Aero Club Kev Storie.doc

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Pilots Its your decision.pdf

Safety Sense
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Our responsibility as flying friends.JPG

Submitted by Weidie Vorster
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ARO approval certificates Neil de Lange.pdf

It is my pleasure to report that RAASA has reviewed the Manual of Procedure of the SA Gyroplane Association in accordance with Regulation 149 and the associated CATS, and in line with our MOA. We have had various meeting with SAGPA, and can confirm that we are now satisfied with the MOP, and kindly recommend the approval of the Association as ARO.
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Constant Speed Propellers.docx

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Variable Pitch Propellers.pps

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2011 AGMAPInstructors Seminar Invite.doc

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BB List for AGMAPInstructors Seminar.doc

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Proxy Form for AGM.doc

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VFR Reporting Points 5.doc

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VFR Reporting Points 2.doc

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VFR Reporting Points 7.doc

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VFR Reporting Points 6.doc

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VFR Reporting Points 4.doc

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VFR Reporting Points 3.doc

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VFR Reporting Points.doc

VFR Reporting Points Project 1
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Special Rules JHB Map.pdf

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African Pilot reports on Gariep.pdf

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Advance Gyro Training.doc

Pictures in Photo Gallery
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New CAA Fees as per Part 187.pdf

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Gyro HV Curve.pdf

Hi Guys With the latest spate of �behind the power curve accidents� I thought that it may be useful to have a look at what Greg Gremminger has to say on the matter. I have a lot of respect for his knowledge of gyros. He is the Magni Agent in The USA and would probably base his numbers on the M16. Although most of the article refers to the dangers of the engine quitting in this zone, right at the end he makes the point that even with a running engine you may lose too much altitude to recover if you get too far behind the power curve in this zone. Although a gyro can�t stall, it can lose a lot of altitude before restoring sufficient rotor speed to prevent an unplanned impact with terra firma. We should be aware that in a fixed wing, when you put the nose down, as you gain airspeed the wing immediately starts producing more lift. In the case of a gyro, you first have to convert the airspeed to rotorspeed and there is a lag. This is more evident if the gyro has particularly heavy rotors, which results in a greater lag than lighter rotors. It seems that hitting the ground whilst desperately trying to recover from a behind the power curve event often results in a fire. This may be because you tend to land arse first with a screaming motor at full turbo with a very hot turbocharger and exhaust pipe right behind the fuel tank. Not pretty. Regards Jonathan Mylrea ZU-DIO
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Development of the Autogiro a Technical Perspective.pdf

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Improving engine performance by Francois Strydom.doc

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African Pilot Dec2011.pdf

Article on North meets South in Stellenbosch
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10 Top vertical takeoff Gyrocopter The Past, Present & Future - by Arthur Gemperle - 2016-09-02 ... more

10 Top vertical takeoff Gyrocopter The Past, Present & Future - by Arthur Gemperle - 2016-09-02 ... more

The 10 most luxurious & advanced gyrocopters in action... by Arthur Gemperle - 2016-08-26
You may have noticed, I have another hobby , creating videos. This is new & for the first time on YouTube , the 10 most luxurious & advanced Gyrocopters in action , to be able to compare & find out which is the best one for you... If you think you have seen them all ,then you have to watch my short video made out of 2 hours fo... more

Arthur's MAGNI ficent Gyro flight in the snow in South Africa (Arthur Gemperle) - 2016-08-26
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2016 Member fees - 2016-01-07
Aeroclub R425, and SAGPA R450.  Visit //     ... more

ATF Application Annual Inspection/Maintenance of NTCA Forms - 2015-11-10
Notice to Aircraft Owners and Approved Persons Please take notice that the annual aircraft inspection form RA 24.1(a) and RA 24.1 (b) has been amended to reflect the requirements of the applicable regulations. Further note that the ATF application forms RA 24.2 (a), (b) and (c) has also been updated. From 01 December 2015 only the new forms ... more

ATF Application Annual Inspection/Maintenance of NTCA Forms - 2015-11-10
From: RAASA Date: 30 October 2015 at 09:02:31 SAST To: Subject: ATF APPLICATION FROMS UPDATED Reply-To:   RACG01/10-15 30 October 2015 ... more

ATF Application Annual Inspection/Maintenance of NTCA Forms - 2015-11-10
From: RAASA Date: 30 October 2015 at 09:02:31 SAST To: Subject: ATF APPLICATION FROMS UPDATED Reply-To:   RACG01/10-15 30 October 2015 ... more

Gyroplane Airworthiness Certification - Philip Nell - 2015-05-09
GYROPLANE AIRWORTHINESS CERTIFICATION By Philip Nell All though most Aviators are familiar with the term Airworthiness Certification, very few seem to know what it actually means and entails. This short article will attempt to provide an executive summary on the subject. When an Aircraft Design Organisation wants to produce/manufacture a n... more

Kennet Horatio Wallis - Obituary - 2013-09-30
Ken Wallis was a great aviator that did much to promote gyro flying after World War II // Http:// ... more

Interesting reading - 2012-09-23
Aviation magazine online... more

Aero Club Safety Campaign - 2012-07-13
Safety First Campaign  Pilot's Credo... more

Runway Slope - 2012-04-16
Runway Slope ... more

Motion Induced Blindness - Attention all pilots, drivers & riders - 2012-03-27
Motion Induced Blindness This is frightening! It works exactly like it says, and is one major reason people in cars can look right at you (when you're on a motorcycle or bicycle)---AND NOT SEE YOU. From a former Naval Aviator. This is a great illustration of what we were taught about scanning outside the cockpit ... more

Gyro's do's and don't's - Eric Torr - 2012-03-04
a) Let's start with the emergency situation. Engine goes and you are about a 1000 feet off the ground. Result is that you have about 45 seconds before ground contact. A gyro will typically descend at about 1200 to 1500 ft/min. A smart pilot will fly at an altitude that will allow his safe glide to a landing spot, therefore if over a forest are... more

Aero Club Membership - 2012-02-20
Aero Club membership: The owner of the aircraft needs to belong to Aero Club and one of the affiliated sections if they use an AP (Approved Person). If the Aircraft are under a Business the membership can be under one of the Directors or the Pilot. If they use an AME or AMO Aero Club membership are not required. ... more

SAGPA Committee - 2012-02-02
Chairman Johan Meyer Secretary Gerrit Roux Treasurer Juanita Kruger Technical Weidie Vorster Training Len Klopper Safety Officer Jacques Swiegers Events Gauteng Glen Dean Events Limpopo Pieter Smith Events North West Thinus Enslin North South Event Coordinator Paul Roux Events KZN - vacant ... more

Wire Strike Accidents - 2012-02-02
// ... more

Aeroclub Meeting 27 January 2012 - 2012-02-02
20120127 Aeroclub Meeting 1. Aeroclub has completed implementation of a new member management system. This membership system should now allow members to renew their membership online. Please refer to the Aeroclub website for details. All members should have received a notifications token. Renewals can still be done at Aeroclub offices as well, b... more

Himeville Airfield: Moorcroft Manor: Drakensber​g - 2012-01-25
Please visit: // ... more

Oldest vs Youngest Gyro Pilot - 2012-01-21
 Peter Goldsmith - our wisest Gyronaut - 72 years old, and Theuns Eloff Jr - our youngest - 17 years ... more

Aviator ring tones - 2011-12-15
Aviator ring tones ... more

Whale Run - Jean tresfon - 2011-11-11
Last month Jean Tresfon, Len Klopper, Patrick Owen, and Weidie Vorster had an incredible flight along the coast to Hermanus for a bit of whale spotting... follow the link for the photos.  Whale Run... more

First Gyro Flight in SA - 2011-10-22
The very first gyro flight in South Africa (a Cierva C.19 Autogiro piloted by Roy Tuckett) took place in Durban on the 22nd June 1932. A very interesting account of the event is to be found on Alan Taylor's website // ... more

1st Aero Club News Letter - 2011-09-08
1st Aero Club News letter. It was suggested by Athol Franz based on the successof his African Pilot weekly newsletter that Aero Club should embark upon a similar news letter to keep members in the loop on many matters we are workingon and are involved with for recreational aviation. We look forward to suggestions for a name for the monthly newsle... more

An Aviation Poem - dedicated to the people we can't help but miss every day - 2011-08-22
An aviation poem Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning�s hush I am the swift uplifting rush. Of quiet birds in circled flight. I... more

GIROKOPTER VLIEGDAG BY DIE GARIEPDAM DORP. 'n Groot aantal van 73 Girokopter- vlieeniers het op Vrydag, 20 Mei by Gariepdam dorp bymekaar gekom vir 'n groot Girokopter vliegdag en dit was volgens mnr. Gerrit Roux, die onder-voorsitter van die Suid-Afrikaanse Girokopter-vereniging verseker 'n Suid-Afrikaanse rekord vir die aantal vli... more

This is not your father's gyroplane - 2011-02-16
Taken from: //   This is Not Your Father's Gyroplane By Timothy O�Connor, CFI Greg Gremminger�s Magni M-16 gyroplane Rotorcraft were �born� on January 9, 1923, when Juan de la Ci... more

Garden Route Jolly - Jonathan Owen - 2011-02-14
Go to Gallery to see the pics. It was two years ago that I made my first ever trip to South Africa and experienced flying in their magnificent late Summer. Standing in a windswept gliding airfield in Sussex, the previous October, waiting for my second training flight of the day, hopefully longer than the 7 minute... more

- 2011-02-13
... more

Basic Information About Balancing Machines - Francois Strydom - 2011-01-23
Basic Information About Balancing Machines -The world of dynamic unbalance is___-Shonan Shimadzu Co_, Ltd.... more

Flyer's Prayer - 2011-01-19
Flyer's Prayer By Patrick J. Phillips When this life I'm in is done, And at the gates I stand, My hope is that I answer all His questions on command. I doubt He'll ask me of my fame, Or all the things I knew, Instead, He'll ask of rainbows sent On rainy days I flew. The hours logged, the status reached, The ratings ... more

Aviation's best kept secret - 2011-01-19
Gyroplanes, Gyrocopters and Autogyros - Aviation�s best kept secret Do they all mean the same thing? In general, yes, but there minor technical differences Autogyro (Autogiro) �         The term Autogyro is used to describe the first style of gyroplanes. � &nbs... more

Gyroplane Accidents 1985 - 2005 - 2011-01-19
Title: Gyroplane Accidents 1985-2005: Epidemiological Analysis and Pilot Factors in 223 Events Accession Number: 01114965 Language: English Abstract: Gyroplanes (autogyros) are regarded as a relatively safe, stable type of general-aviation aircraft. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) categorizes them as sport pilot/... more

History of the Autogyro - Eric Torr - 2011-01-19
History of the Autogyro       Now that it is known how autogyros work, some of their characteristics of flight, and how those characteristics differ from airplanes and helicopters, it would be nice to know how all this developed. The early history of the autogyro is basically a history of one man, don Juan de la Cierva.... more

Why would you want to fly a Gyro? (27/12/2010) - 2011-01-19
Why would you want to fly a gyro? Very few forms of powered flight can give you the unobstructed view that a gyro can. They are fun, exciting, and affordable. If you want to fly safely and inexpensively, gyros could be the aircraft for you. They can be flown low and slow or quick and sharp. They can be flown enclosed or open. And you don't... more

M22 Cyclic Joystick Failure - Len Klopper (17/12/2010) - 2011-01-19
Everytime a student, pupil or pilot arrives with a Magni M22 Voyager I get a little voice in the back of my head that says, �who trained this guy, how well does he fly, what if he freezes on the controls, what if his stick comes out�?�  What control do I have as an instructor from the rear with no controls? ... more

North meets South - Francois Strydom (14/12/2010) - 2011-01-19
The recent NORTH MEETS SOUTH set wheels in motion that cannot be stopped. The prime mover of this event,  Johan Stemmet, has started a movement that must have surprised even himself. It seems as if the Gyro fraternity has fallen into an apathetic state and needed a push start. What became quite evident after this event was that a breath of fre... more

So true - 2011-01-05
"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."~ Leonard da Vinci  ... more

Little Wing Autogyro - 2010-12-31
The Little Wing Autogyro  Will Kriek beat these records?... more

Amelia Earhart and the Autogiro - 2010-12-29
Amelia Earhart  "Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others." Amelia Earhart. Amelia made many demonstrations with autogiros and in September of 1931 while attending an airshow in Detroit, Michigan she crashed her autogiro on landing. Her newly married husband and... more