Aeroclub Meeting 27 January 2012

20120127 Aeroclub Meeting

1. Aeroclub has completed implementation of a new member management system. This membership system should now allow members to renew their membership online. Please refer to the Aeroclub website for details. All members should have received a notifications token. Renewals can still be done at Aeroclub offices as well, but the online method should hopefully make renewals easier than before.

2. Aeroclub has submitted a proposal to resist the restriction of airspace for recreational VFR Traffic through the George airspace. The process is ongoing and have now been submitted to ATNS.

3. The previous Aeroclub public/professional indemnity insurance policy have been found to be inadequate and a new policy is being investigated. Aeroclub has commited to drive the process to possibly have a new policy in place before the next meeting. Aeroclub will publish a full report on the status of the indemnity insurance.

4. Aeroclub is currently in discussion with Bateleurs to determine ways to work closer together. The Bateleurs initiative is a fantastic effort that has provided a fantastic conservation assistance service for many years and can be contacted at

5. Some local reporting points have been received from members and converted to a Google earth file format. The information received thus far will be published on the Aeroclub web site. Please submit any additional reporting points in your local flying area, as it makes for safer skies for all.

6. SAGPA participated with TOP TV and Aeroclub to produce a flying video. It has been broadcasted on TOP-TV a number of times in the last number of months. The video can be obtained by emailing

7. SAGPA has via Aeroclub been invited to participate in the Fun Fly Park at the AAD show in September 2012. Anybody that is interested in participating and exibiting at the event, please be in contact. It is a very good opportunity to exhibit your gyroplane related offerings into one of South Africa's premier aviation events.

8. Aeroclub has responded to an invite from AOPA to attend an aviation unity conference. Details will be made available by Aeroclub as soon as the workshop has been finalised.

Johan Meyer


South African Gyroplane Association