ATF Application Annual Inspection/Maintenance of NTCA Forms

Notice to Aircraft Owners and Approved Persons

Please take notice that the annual aircraft inspection form RA 24.1(a) and RA 24.1 (b) has been amended to reflect the requirements of the applicable regulations.
Further note that the ATF application forms RA 24.2 (a), (b) and (c) has also been updated.

From 01 December 2015 only the new forms will be accepted.
The revised forms have been uploaded on the RAASA website, and are ready for download.

Alos, the declaration by the Approved Person is brought in line with the regulatory requirement.
It need to be noted that the declaration on the inspection form does not absolve one from any prescription of the relevant regulations.

Should anyone wish to propose an amendment to the regulation, kindly submit such to the office of RAASA for inclusion in the Project 24 regulation review process.