1st Aero Club News Letter

1st Aero Club News letter.

It was suggested by Athol Franz based on the successof his African Pilot weekly newsletter that Aero Club should embark upon a similar news letter to keep members in the loop on many matters we are workingon and are involved with for recreational aviation.

We look forward to suggestions for a name for the monthly newsletter from members.

Please send suggestions to

To make it sweet and simple this will also be placed on our website.


Website and new CRMsystem

The new Aero Club of South Africa (AeCSA) website Phase1 has been completed with Phase 2 with the online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system shortly to follow. This will allow all members and members of sections to update their details and/or pay their membership by debit order, EFT or credit card. It will give immediate information to each pilot and their respective section administrators and prepare members for Phase3 which will be getting value add in the form of discounts etc, with serviceand good providers. The new website has the same look and feel (colour and design wise) as has been the trend this past year with our certificates and awards. This is the new branding that we will carry forward. Please use our new links for weather and keep an eye on what is going on with T&D,


Aero Club annual awards dinner

This is the pinnacle of the recreational aviation year event, where our pilots are recognised and lauded for their contributions to aviation and the feats they have achieved. It is again to be held at the Birchwood Conference centre in KemptonPark/ Boksburg. Tables are being booked fast and as this promises to be yet another prestigious affair,we urge you to confirm bookings as soon as possible with Jackie or Sandra atour office). Save the date in your diary:5 November 2011. 


Regulatory Reformation.

As many are aware the industry has been working fastidiously at correcting and re-promulgating the civil aviation regulations.Aeroclub as well as RAASA has been heavily involved in many of the multitude of sub committees and work groups to ensure that when these new regulations go in they are as correct as possible given the formidably short time frames by the DOT. A lot of work has been done in regards to simplifying and removing ambiguitiesas well as making them more user friendly. We believe aviation will operate much more fluidly especially NTCA type craft.


National ProtectedAreas (NPA) Act

While most aviators are environmentally conscious and are involved with many environmental and conservation initiatives, it seems these are not taken into consideration norhave little relevance when considering environmental legislation. The legislation does not take into account the nature of many of our activities and currently apply the rule ofthe law strictly and without exception.

Due to this, the airspace above formally protected and reserve areas, including some buffer zones, our everyday flying over these areas is technically illegal.

The Aero Club along with other stakeholders are in the process of quantifying the impact of the enforcement of these NPA-based airspace rules in affected areas. Discussions include how it will effect aviation, safety, and operations, even those that bring flights, tourists and thus economic benefit to these much protected areas. Through this stakeholder involvement process, we will assist the Department of Transport (DoT)to show the DEA the conflict of the two acts, highlighting the safety and economic impacts, and general disruption to aviation.

The consequence ofleaving the DEA to control the airspace over their reserves etc. in simple terms is:

If the �protected areasair spaces�(the number of which are growing) remain under the jurisdiction of the DEA it will enforce the letter of the law, which states that we can either not fly lower than 2500 ft above the highest point in these areas(including ridges), and will have specialised routes that will have to be followed.These routes are not cost effective, practical or necessarily safe. In addition, as has already happened in the Cape  Province with the governing body requires the paragliding and hang gliding pilots to obtain permits and register as with the management authority having to obtain �Wild cards�. This incurs time and cost for each pilot who have operated in the area for years.

The Management of the areas also then require insurance cover for pilots using these areas further increasing costs to our pilots. Such increasing costs limit not only the growth of recreational flying, but more importantly eliminates the sport from being available to other parts of society including BEE.

So in short this will increase our over all cost of recreational flying with very little difference to these protected areas which have normal road traffic and in the case of the cradle of human kind have large cement and mining trucks create far more damage..

If the flying population does not provide assistance with problems and impacts cases, the status quo which is law will remain.

This is the bottom line -All pilots will have to remain 2500 ft above the highest point of everyheritage site or nature conservation area. This will spell the death for many aviation activities and severely limit our freedom of the skies as we have beenused to in the past.

Currently we are all illegally flying in many areas according to this act.

Each pilot if they get prosecuted will incurred the legal cost of representing themselves.

Please find the maps of effected areas and please find the assessment documents that need to be filled in to assist Aeroclub and this work group in protecting your right to fly inthese areas in South Africa on our website.

We need your input as the �state legal advisers� do not believe there is a conflict between the environmental act and the aviation act or that if enforced will have an impact. We believe tothe contrary. The plan to find a route workable solution rather than changing this act makes a serious safety case as all aircraft flying north or towards Rustenburg or Gaborone will need to follow this new proposed route which extends from ground to 6500. All aircraft will need to fly in this 2.5 Nm corridor and result in being dumped over Hartebeesport Dam in a 3 Nm area congested with planes, paragliders, hanggliders, hot air balloons all requiring space to safely manoeuvre. The noise pollution to the Hartebeesport home owners, the potential for a mid air collision and the further risk to the Necsa�s Pelindaba site facility has not been thought through fully.

The previous altitude for aircraft as per our current aviation rules seems much more sensible and workable.


GASI�idiosyncrasies of aircraft�

GASI was looking for a home to document simple�idiosyncrasies of aircraft� that would normally be discussed inthe pub by Aviators, with the old hands imparting this information to the newpilots in a �mentoring sort of way�. As the club scene no longer operates as these past days, it was felt at this forum that this sort of information would need to be captured somewhere.

AeCSA has made a place available on the new website however exactly the format and the monitoring of it is still to be decided at GASI.


International Events

SAPFA World Precision Flying Championships looks tobe a good event � please lend all support to SAPFA and if any sponsors wish to be involved with this prestigious event please give the chairman Frank Eckard a call. FAI/GAC countries will be attending the 20th FAI World PrecisionFlying Championships to be held at Brits from the 23rd to the 29th of October2011.  For more info visit:


Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD)

This event is one of the world�s premier aerospace and defence events and holds a prominent position within the aviation and defence calendar. The exhibition takes place on a biennial basis inSeptember. The first three days of the exhibition are traditionally trade days,followed by two air show days that is open to the public.

The 7th AAD will take place at AFB Waterkloof, Centurion, Pretoria, South Africafrom 19 to 23 September 2012, and will once again bring together worldwide industry players to showcase the latest technological innovations.

The Aeroclub is to be involved with the running ofthe Fun Fly Park at the 2012 AAD event which promise to be the largest aviation event in Africa.We will keep you posted as this event develops and we hope to have every recreational discipline representing their sport and

Providing some sort of practical demonstrations to the youth of our country and the show goers on the public days. //


ACE 2013

The EkurhuleniMetropolitan Municipalityis the host of the prestigious World Airport City Conference and Exhibition(ACE) 2013, an event that will set the metro on course to developing thereal-estate around the airport to generate new revenue streams and reduce thereliance on traditional aviation revenues.

To assist in furthering the aims of the City ofEkuhurleni to develop our Africanised version of the Aerotropolis in and around OR Tambo and Rand airports, we will see the main players in airports managementand development of commercial infra structures arriving to discuss all types of matters from hub development to where aviation will be developing in thefuture.

Twin Albat accidentafter successful Tzaneen Air Show.

This tragic aircraft crash losing many of our wonderful fellow aviators and friends is in comprehensible to many of us. The shock is immense and our condolences go out to their families and friends in this trying time. It is an immense loss to all aviation South Africa, especially the AirShow circuit and long will they live in our memories.


Yours in preserving free flight