SAGPA - South African Gryo Plane Association

Gyroplane Types

The Civil Aviation Authority maintains a list of gyroplane types authorised in South Africa.

These designation codes should be used for logbook entries, license application and renewals.

Y001 Bensen B-80
Y002 Bensen DS-B-80A
Y003 Bensen B-8
Y004 Bensen-8M
Y005 Bensen MB82
Y006 Noble Gyrocopter
Y007 No longer used - see Y018
Y008 VPM M-14
Y009 Minicopter
Y010 KB3 Gyroplane
Y011 Leopard V-2
Y012 VPM M-13M
Y013 Air & Space 18A
Y014 RAF/2000
Y015 Bill Parson 2
Y016 Air Commander 1000
Y017 Sycamore
Y018 VPM M-16 Gyrocopter
Y019 ELA
Y020 Magni M22
Y021 MT-03
Y023 Xenon
Y024 MTO-Sport
Y025 Calidus
Y026 Magni M24
YK19 Kingfisher Gyroplane

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